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Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities: *C-level post in China HQ Building (Beijing CP Center) of the world's top 500 CP Group 1. Organize the formulation and implementation of business development plans in line with the vision of the Board of CEO; 2. Organize and promote the comprehensive operation and management of the project according to the business development plan, including but not limited to the comprehensive management of brand, market, investment leasing, customer service, property intelligence and other comprehensive businesses; 3. Comprehensively evaluate the operation status and regularly submit the operation report to the CEO; 4. Constantly improve the content, service and operation system, and strive to build the project into an international top building and world-class landmark; 5. Establish a strong and enterprising project team to ensure the efficient operation of the company's management system; 6. Based on the positioning of the World Chinese Business Center, we should do a good job in the connection, communication and coordination of the Federation of Overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese affairs and governments at all levels; 7. Other relevant work assigned by the CEO.

Job Requirements

Job requirements: 1. Education: Bachelor degree or above, English can be used as the working language; 2. Age: 40-50 years old; 3. With more than five years of comprehensive operation and management experience in well-known commercial complexes (more than 5A), proficient in business and office building investment promotion, operation, property management and other full-process professional knowledge and operation system; 4. With global thinking, excellent leadership, strategic vision, advanced management concepts, strong ability to promote overall planning, organization and implementation, fast learning ability, strong sense of mission and responsibility, modest personality, in line with the core values of CP Group; 5. Good image and temperament, good demeanor and bearing.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Other operations positions


5~10 years

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