Algorithm Engineer/Software Engineer
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthNanjing, Hangzhou
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Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in the design, development, modeling, simulation, testing of visual detection algorithm modules, including target detection, identification, classification and other artificial intelligence technology development. 2. Participate in the technical research of products, new technology research and implementation. 3. Participate in architecture and code reviews with other engineers and developers. 4. Participate in improvement of existing development and testing procedures and processes. 5. Working with customers and other engineers to define requirements, such as understanding and agreeing upon the function of software system.

Job Requirements

1. Master’s Degree in computer science, computer engineering, image processing, machine vision, or similar field. 2. Familiar working with deep learning related architectures, tensorflow/pytorch, etc. Familiar with common classification algorithms, target detection algorithms, semantic/instance segmentation algorithms, target tracking algorithms. 3. Proficiency in at least one of: Java, C, C++,Python, MatLab, Ada, or Linux. 4. Familiar working with Open CV, and experience in image processing projects in machine vision is preferred. 5. Driven to get the job done and are not afraid to go the extra mile to do it. 6. Strong communication skills, able to clearly express your ideas and concepts both.

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AI Engineer


1~3 years

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