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Job Responsibilities

Job requirements: 1. Bachelor's degree or above, with at least 2 years of experience in sales of B-end to G-end solutions; 2. Understand the sales channels in the corresponding regions, and be fluent in English as the working language; 3. Excellent and logical expression skills, especially the ability to master strategies, rhythms, and techniques for communicating with users at different levels and with various partners 5. Proactive and willing to take responsibility, able to self drive and maintain work passion, willing to work under pressure.

Job Requirements

1. Responsible for drone sales and management in the EMEA region; 2. Develop relevant plans, actively promote customer operations, and achieve sales performance goals; 3. Promote the company's brand and expand the market share of the company's products; 4. Provide improvement suggestions for the company's products and services based on customer needs and market changes; 5. Responsible for customer discovery, follow-up, and analysis work; 6. Responsible for the development and management of key customers and channel providers, completing customer research during the sales process, analyzing typical customers, conducting business negotiations, signing contracts, and maintaining handover and relationship maintenance during the implementation phase.

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AI Engineer


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