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Tiktok livestrem host
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthHangzhou
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Job Responsibilities

职位职责 1. Daily livestream to sale company's products&brainding for UK and US market during tiktok platform; 2. Participate in the daily livestream content conception, control the livestream rhythm, mobilize the livestream atmosphere, interact with fans, topic production, etc.; Improve brand awareness and increase the fans and user participation of the tiktok account; 3. Be good at explaining products, explore the selling points of products, and be able to flexibly adjust language skills to ensure smooth livestream; 4. Be good at summarizing and analyzing data after livstreming and optimizing livestrem effect!

Job Requirements

职位要求 1. English can be used as working language, with authentic and fluent accent, good image and temperament, overseas study background is preferred; 2. Familiar with foreign environment and fashion trends; 3. Like chatting with people, like livestream with certain marketing skills, livestream experience is preferred; 4. Be good at analyzing user's demand and adjusting presentation according to customers' reaction; 5. Those familiar with overseas cosmetics are preferred; Basic salary 15K+(specific salary depends on personal ability) Other benefits: Accommodation is provided and food is provided If we cooperate, the company will help to apply for a work visa

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