Head of Overseas Business
Full-time50k - 60K RMB per month纽约
Beijing Shuyi Technology Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description: 1. Responsible for the overall operation and management of the international e-commerce teams; formulate monthly, quarterly and annual performance goals, and lead their team to completion. 2. Investigate and analyze the company's foreign market demand, analyze market, product reports and competitor status, formulate marketing strategies, and track and monitor sales data. 3. Strategic planning, formulate departmental performance planning and personnel planning in alliance with the company's strategic goals. 4. Execute various policies and systems of the company's cross-border e-commerce platforms, maintain the platform's high ratings and good credit, uphold and improve standard business processes for operation. 5. Take charge of daily data feedback, including traffic, click rate, customer conversion rate, repurchase rate, synthesize data into visual information and strategize improvements. 6. Formulate promotion and customer traffic plans, plan and implement various sales activities, track and record data, evaluate and optimize marketing strategies.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: 1. Has a Bachelor degree or above, is fluent enough in English for the workplace, and has worked in North America for 2 years (preferred); 2. Familiar with stand-alone website and platform construction, and traffic and operation strategies. 3. Has independently operated a DTC platform of more than 1 million USD, is familiar with high-priced merchandise; a familiarity with women's clothing categories is preferred. 4. Adept at various marketing and promotional tools, and is familiar with third-party platform promotional strategies. 5. Has a strong sensitivity towards business and marketing, has a strong ability to analyze and solve problems, and is excellent in resource integration and business promotion. 6. Has experience in team management, can stimulate enthusiasm and creativity amongst team members, and improve work efficiency. 7. Has strong data analysis and judgment abilities, a great team worker and is a strong communicator. (based in New York)

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Job Details

Position type

Operations Director


5~10 years

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