Part/full time Lecturer(Fashion Marketing Management, Multimedia Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design)
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthGuangzhou
Raffles design institute guangzhou
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Job Responsibilities

1. Research and compile teaching materials for modules assigned. 2. Plan and deliver these lessons in a clear and appropriate manner. 3. Develop students’ learning enthusiasm and monitor the learning styles and developmental stages of the students. 4. Ensure that students are appropriately supported and provided with timely and constructive guidance for their academic developments and pastoral care. 5. Develop students' creativities and problems solving skills through competitions, field trips, and industry-supported projects. 6. Collaborate with relevant industry partners for projects and internships. 7. Participate in school promotional activities.

Job Requirements

1. Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in (Fashion Design / Fashion Marketing / Interior Design / Visual Communication / Interactive Media Design / Games Design / Animations Design) or equivalent from a recognized academic institution. Applicants with Master Degree in relevant field will be an advantage. 2. At least 5 years' industry experience, preferably 2 years of lecturing experience in fashion design and production, fashion marketing-retail experience, interior design, interactive media design, multimedia design, games design, animations design. 3. Dynamic, creative and enthusiastic, with an interest to nurture students and to help them achieve their potentials. 4. Possess excellent communication, organisation and academic administration skills. 5. Promote a culture of enterprise within the programme and amongst the students. 6. Establish and maintain appropriate working relationships with international pool of lecturers and students of different nationalities.

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Job Details

Position type

Art/Design Director


3~5 years

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