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Content Marketing e commerce manager
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthQingdao, Weifang
Shandong Golden Gain Import and Export Company Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

Workload and description We own two companies, one for feed products and the other for auto export. Your role may involve both companies but with a major role in the auto company. In the feed company, you will carry on these few duties. - Make a minimum of two business trips abroad a year and to factories in China to negotiate sales and purchases. - Receive visiting clients and hold meetings with them trying to resolve their differences with our company so as to achieve sales. - Assist Chinese employees talk to some difficult-to-handle clients to achieve sales. - Attend exhibitions domestic and international to bring in more clients. Your role in the Auto company. - Promote the company’s image abroad and to clients in your way. - Chat with clients who are to make orders to achieve big sales. - Work with AD companies that we hire and provide materials needed for the advert to achieve sales. - Provide support to Chinese employees to achieve better sales. - Act as the company’s model to achieve name value for yourself and the company. - Expand business in Africa and the Middle East region as those are our target markets and audience. - Required to drive to different car dealership locations yourself or with a driver if need be ( take model pictures or showcase vehicles to clients) - Make decisions on the overall company’s growth to achieve big - Orientate other foreign employees. - Negotiate or strike a deal with our city's local government on company developmental ideas. Performance and quality will lead to leadership promotion.

Job Requirements

-Our company Showstar Auto Tech is currently recruiting a person who has great knowledge in media marketing to work in China ( media marketing specialist). - Must have relevant work experience with proven skills and content examples. - Must be able to promote on ticktok, Facebook, instagram and many other platforms. - Required to meet up with all certifications to obtain a work visa here in China.

Required Languages

French, English, Arabic

Job Details

Position type

Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing


3~5 years

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