English Teacher
Shanghai HuanYi
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Job Responsibilities

1. Teach English courses, make teaching plans and preparations, and complete the preparation of teaching plans; 2. Manage students; 3. Assist the school in managing students, including student placement and student status tracking; 4. Follow up the students' learning in the whole process, and give timely feedback on students' opinions; 5. Assist in organizing various teaching activities of the school including extracurricular activities.

Job Requirements

1. Strong communication skills, strong sense of service and teamwork spirit; 2. Fluent oral English, standard pronunciation; 3. Love education, love English, have a strong sense of responsibility, patience, and positive sunshine; 4. Classes are lively and interesting, confident, energetic and passionate; 5. Proficiency in Chinese is preferred; 6. Candidates with rich teaching experience are preferred.

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English teacher


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