Head of HRBP (Manila, Philippines)
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Job Responsibilities

- Assist in the drafting of domestic supply side process system, assist in the node control of organization, performance and incentive related projects, and regularly summarize and report, - Assist / independently complete the budget management of the business group, sort out the new positions, and regularly make overseas HC management according to the business progress and development; - Assist / independently pay attention to the growth of key talents and communicate in time, summarize and analyze to form data feedback; - Other bilingual program affairs with supporting departments, independently carry out and follow up the implementation of the program and track the implementation results. - Participate in the formulation and improvement of performance appraisal indicators of business departments, participate in performance evaluation, count and analyze performance appraisal results, and put forward effective performance improvement plans based on performance appraisal results; - Assist the business department to make the talent development plan and establish the human resource echelon to ensure the sustainable human resource supply of the business department; - Analyze the overseas HR data regularly, and guide the overseas HR team to form a clear talent data analysis report; - Build team culture, build cultural scene through effective ways, ensure transparent decision-making, unobstructed information, effective early warning, ensure the health of the organization, and create atmosphere carrier for business continuous innovation; - Maintain various forms of contact and effective communication with the business team staff, perceive the needs and warmth of the staff, and come from the business to the business.

Job Requirements

Working Location: Manila, Philippines (Job Requirements) - Major in science or human resources, returnee Master preferred, with more than 4 years working experience; - Passion, optimism, initiative, strong learning and comprehension ability - 1-2 years of experience in any two modules of organizational development / performance / Recruitment / culture, with strong resilience; - HR experience in Internet education industry is preferred. As for the type of business supported, those who support functional business and education management business can. - Be able to work in English, communicate in English, and have the ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing equal to IELTS 6.5 or above. (Requirements for human characteristics:) - Good for others, willing to achieve others, integrity, as people; - Spiritual, loves to think, and can see the essence through the phenomenon; - Have attitude, have emotion, stick to the duty of HR at the same time, is also a person with feelings and righteousness; - Love to learn, dare to innovate, adapt to the high rhythm and changing environment, get out of the inertia and break the shackles, and influence the organization and decision-making; - Good at communication, take responsibility bravely, good coordination ability, strong sense of responsibility; - Embrace change, accept differences and upgrade yourself. To apply: Please send your Full CV to Echo. Email: echo.lai@hiredchina.com Wechat Contact: GICtwo Whatsapp: +852 9419 1792

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Recruitment specialist


5~10 years

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