Foreign English Teacher
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthSuzhou
Suzhou Kunshan Spike Language Training Center Co. Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

We are seeking foreign teachers with the following requirements: 1.Provide high teaching quality classes; 2.Possess at least one-year teaching experience and good pronunciation; 3.Good at telling stories and teaching English songs is a plus; 4.Willing to participate in extracurricular activities occasionally; 5.Willing to working on the weekends;

Job Requirements

1. Native speakers with great pronunciation is preferred 1. 发音纯正的母语人士优先 2. Bachelor degree or above, with teaching certificate is preferred.(TEFL/TESOL); 2. 本科或以上学历,有英语教学资格证优先; 3. At least two years of English teaching experience is required; 3.2年以上英语教学经验; 4. The candidate should have a passion of teaching, be responsible and be patient with students, have a strong sense of cooperation with colleagues and teamwork. 4. 对教学有热情,对学生有责任心和耐心,与同事有较强的合作意识和团队合作精神。

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Teacher/English teacher


Unlimited experience

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