Elementary Teacher in international school Aug/2022/Beijing
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Job Responsibilities

• Teach a minimum of 20 periods per week • Work with all students in the assigned class • Work on curriculum development, which includes preparing effective diverse lesson units based on the school’s curriculum formats • Collaborate with grade level and subject teachers • Design authentic assessments and measure their effectiveness in meeting curricular goals • Promote our school values of Excellence, Honor, Community, and Joy • Maintain and update timely student records including grading (homework, grade books, progress reports, report cards, student attendance, and other required documents) • Be actively involved in extra-curricular activities as a faculty sponsor/advisor/coach/helper/school committee member • Actively fulfill assigned supervision duties, which could include lunch recess or morning exercise supervision duty • Able to work closely with students who exhibit near English proficiency • Work closely with parents/guardians through providing feedback on progress, answering questions, and being an educational partner where possible • Proactively meet and communicate with parents/guardians, students and other teachers when necessary to develop interventions for students with academic, emotional/behavioral or other needs • Serve as a substitute teacher when needed • Take an active role in required meetings (departmental; grade level; committees, faculty; etc.) • Assist with additional duties as assigned

Job Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree required in elementary education but a bachelors’ degree in a related field (English, Early childhood, curriculum) is considered • Has a valid teaching license/certificate • At least 2 years full-time teaching in a regular elementary school setting preferred Professional Skills • Demonstrate commitment to integrated education at the elementary level including innovations and best practices • Develop and follow the established elementary language arts’ curriculum including designing units to support it • Knowledgeable about the American-style elementary education system and how primary level classroom instruction integrates into it • Comfortable working in a school that integrates Chinese and American style educational philosophies • Comfortable with computers for school related purposes including data management, Rubicon Atlas, email, and MS Office programs • Fluent in both oral and written English at a professional standard • Desire to actively engage in professional development opportunities as provided by the school or through individual initiative • Flexible in adapting to a multi-cultural environment with school community members of many nationalities If you are interested, please feel free to contact Iris WeChat:hiredchina11

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English teacher


1~3 years

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