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Job Responsibilities

1. Able to work under pressure, sensitive to the market and good at making deals; 2. Outgoing, good at communication and active in market development; 3. Live in South America, proficient in Spanish\Portuguese language; 4. Proficient in English or Chinese communication; 5. Strong sense of teamwork, good appearance, no bad habits. 6. Experience in industrial products and wholesale sales is preferred.

Job Requirements

1. Contacted local customers by phone and visited them regularly, negotiated the export business of chemical products, signed contracts and followed up the shipment payment; 2. Participated in exhibitions in South America, accompanied clients to visit and facilitated transactions; 3. Work in Nanjing, China for 3-5 months in the first year, decreasing to January-March year by year, and arrange working time and place freely in other time to ensure the completion of basic work tasks.

Required Languages

Spanish, Portuguese

Job Details

Position type



1~3 years

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