President Assistant
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShanghai
55Haitao Group
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Job Responsibilities

The Role: 55Haitao Group seeks a President Assistant who will assist the CEO in developing the growth strategy of the company, participate in and follow up on the key issues in group operation, and do other routine work such as handling emails, documents, etc. for the CEO. Job Responsibilities: Strategic Development: 1. Researching the development trend of the industry, conducting a comprehensive marketing analysis, and giving a comprehensive assessment of potential projects to innovate the business model. 2. Sorting out the logic of the new business and openly making business proposals to bolster the company to explore new growth opportunities. 3. Assisting in the formulation of the strategic development plan, clarifying the company’s growth objectives, developing feasible implementation approaches, and ensuring the goals are met. 4. Supporting the development and execution of the new business experiments and ensuring its smooth carry out. Business Operation: 1. Participating in the formulation of the business operation strategy and assisting with its implementation so as to ensure the achievement of set goals for each BU. 2. Analyzing and improving the business operation procedures to improve the overall operation efficiency and service quality. 3. Following up on key operational matters of the company’s businesses, handling issues arising during the operation, and ensuring smooth carry out of various businesses. 4. Identifying potential risks, assisting with the development of the risk management plan as well as the supervision of its implementation to achieve stable growth. Daily Routine: 1. Arranging some of the business meetings as well as summarizing and delivering conclusions drawn. 2. Matching part of the job requirements of the overseas employees that offer services for several BUs at the same time to help with the realization of their ideas. 3. Mobilizing internal and external resources to support resolving some of the key business issues of merchants and publishers. 4. Freeing the CEO from office work by handling phone calls, replying to business emails, and making delicate PowerPoint presentations for him. Job Requirements: 1. Education Background: Candidates holding a bachelor’s degree or above and graduated from global Top 50 universities. Marketing, Business Administration, Economics, or other science majors are preferred. 2. Work Experience: No limits on work experience. Candidates with relevant industrial work experience are preferred. 3. Strategic Thinking: A clear strategic mind that enables one to work out and execute strategic plans. 4. Date Analysis Skills: Strong data analysis skills, mastery of commonly used data analysis tools, and ability to independently conduct data mining and analysis to work out a report. 5. Market Investigation Skills: Strong market research skills, ability to design and carry out market investigation projects, analyze industrial trends, and work out a report. 6. Business Operation Skills: Be passionate about digital marketing and willing to learn more about the industry. An excellent thinker and summarizer with strong ability in business implementation, process optimization, and risk management. 7. Goal-oriented and Result-oriented: Strong sense of purpose and result-oriented, able to clearly set and actively pursue individual and team goals. 8. Implementations Capability: Excellent execution skills, able to turn work plans and strategies into actions, and ensure tasks are completed on time and in quality. 9. Teamwork: Great communication skills and teamwork player who could efficiently communicate and coordinate with team members from different departments. 10. Stress Resistance: Able to work under pressure and excellent time and work management skills. 11. Motivation: Great ambitions, strong self-motivation, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. 12. Cross-cultural Communication Skills: Proven ability in cross-cultural communication and working together with overseas teams. 13. Problem-solving Skills: Good at mobilizing internal and external resources to solve the complicated problems of the clients. 14. Language Skills: Excellent language skills including fluent oral English and accurate written expression. 15. Office-software Skills: Proficiency in Office software, especially Excel and PowerPoint. 16. Values and Work Ethic: Adhering to the company’s core values, upholding professional ethics, being honest, integrity, and incorruptibility, and protecting the company’s interests. Future career path: Head of Departments

Job Requirements

职位概述:协助CEO研究制定公司发展战略,参与跟进公司运营中的关键业务事项,以及负责CEO日常工作中的部分邮件、文稿等事务工作。 职责描述: 一、战略发展支持(协助) 1. 深入研究行业发展趋势,进行全面的市场分析,对潜在项目综合评估,并在此基础上创新业务模型。 2. 梳理新业务的逻辑,清晰呈现业务提案,助力企业在现有发展中找到新机遇。 3. 协助编制战略计划,明确战略目标,并制定可行的执行步骤,确保目标达成。 4. 积极支持新业务实验的策划和执行,确保新业务实验能够顺利进行,达到预期结果。 二、业务运营支持(参与) 1. 参与制定业务运营策略,协助策略落地,确保公司各项业务实现既定目标。 2. 分析、优化业务运营流程,提出改进措施,提升业务的整体运营效率和服务质量。 3. 跟进公司业务中的关键运营事项,及时协助处理运营过程中的问题,确保各业务顺畅无阻开展。 4. 识别潜在业务风险,配合制定风险管理方案并协助监督实施,保障业务稳定发展。 三、日常事务支持(负责) 1. 负责组织召开部分业务会议,整理跟进会议结果,以实现会议决策落地。 2. 对接与跟进海外跨BU服务同事的部分工作需求,帮助其工作想法能有效实现。 3. 协调公司内外部资源,为解决公司上下游客户的部分关键业务问题提供支持。 4. 负责撰写部分专业商务邮件,对接电话,以及制作高质量的PPT文稿,为CEO高效工作提供支持。 任职资格(需具备以下教育背景和能力素质): 1. 教育背景:本科及以上学历,毕业于全球顶尖名校(世界排名前50的大学),市场营销、商业管理、经济学、或理工科专业优先。 2. 工作经验:工作经验不限,有相关行业工作经验者优先。 3. 战略思维能力:具有清晰的战略思维能力,能够协助制定并执行战略计划。 4. 数据分析能力:有很强的数据分析能力,掌握常用的数据分析工具,能够独立进行数据挖掘和分析,并形成结果。 5. 市场研究能力:具备扎实的市场研究技能,能够设计和执行市场调研项目,分析行业趋势,并形成结果。 6. 业务运营能力:对数字营销行业充满兴趣,愿意深入了解、学习业务,善于思考、总结,具备执行业务,优化流程和管理风险的能力。 7. 目标与结果导向:具备强烈的目标意识和成果导向,能够清晰设定并积极追求个人和团队的目标与预期成果。 8. 执行能力:具备出色的执行力,能将工作计划和策略转化为实际行动,并确保任务按时按质完成。 9. 团队协作能力:具有良好的组织、协调能力,出色的团队合作精神,能在跨BU的工作环境中有效沟通并协调团队成员。 10. 抗压能力:具备很强的抗压能力,能够在高压环境下保持冷静,有效管理时间和工作任务。 11. 成就动机:具有强烈的成就欲望和自我驱动力,不断追求卓越。 12. 跨文化沟通能力:具备良好的跨文化沟通能力,能够与海外团队有效合作。 13. 问题解决能力:具有解决复杂问题的能力,能够协调内外资源解决客户复杂问题。 14. 语言能力:具备卓越的中英文沟通技巧,包括流畅的口语和精准的书面表达能力。 15. IT技能:熟练使用办公软件,特别是Excel和PowerPoint。 16. 价值观和职业道德:坚持公司核心价值观,展现高标准的职业道德,诚实、正直、廉洁,积极维护公司利益。 职业发展方向:某项业务负责人

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

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1~3 years

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