Game Localization (English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Thai)
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Job Responsibilities

1. Translating and localizing in-game text and other written materials from Chinese to native language using personal experience and translation software 2. Communicating with players in the target region, providing them guidance and gathering feedback 3. Manage gameplay data through self-defined KPI dashboards and use statistics to assess and improve the game’s performance and revenue across all networks and platforms in the target region 4. Analyze player feedback and game usage data in order to create new ways for improving player engagement as well as game revenue 5. Analyze data to create actionable, forward thinking-proposals for the game production team

Job Requirements

1. Native speaker (required languages: English, French, German, Thai) or has lived in the region for at least 10 years and has a profound understanding of the local culture 2. Proficient in Mandarin Chinese (Advanced, HSK5, C1, TOCFL4) 3. Has a passion for video games, has acquired expertise in a certain game genre, and is familiar with gamer culture and vocabulary 4. Proficiency with word processing programs, such as those in MS Office Suite 5. Attentive, motivated, and a great communicator with team spirit 6. Experience as a translator is preferred Basic information: Work Visa: Provided Working hours: Monday to Friday 11am-8pm (including two-hours break time); Work one Saturday in 2 weeks: 11am-6pm (including one-hour break)

Required Languages

Thai, German, French, English, Mandarin

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