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Game Operation Management (Portuguese)
Full-timeNegotiableBrazil - 巴西
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for game localization operation, including but not limited to localized language translation and proofreading, game localization adjustment, event planning, etc.; 2. Connect products and players, delve into the localization needs of the Development/publishing team, and assist in the localization improvement and application research of game content in the respective region; 3. Manage the player team (including but not limited to the moderators of players on various platforms, the key opinion leaders of the game and the content creators, etc.), actively and efficiently maintain communication with players, and help improve user engagement and output quality; 4. Assist in daily group management of Discord, Line/WhatsApp, and increase community activity and user engagement through instant interaction and topic planning; 5. Conduct continuous research on communities of local popular product and competitive games.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: 1. Native speaker of Portuguese, and fluency in listening, speaking, reading and writing in your native language is required; being familiar with local culture of Brazil; fluent either in Chinese and English is preferred; 2. Familiar with game localization market, local user habits and cultural differences; 3. Have a wide range of games and in-depth experience of multiple games; Being able to quickly locate the needs of specific game users; 4. Have strong communication and execution skills, as well as a good team spirit.

Required Languages

Portuguese, English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Community Operation/Localization Operation


Less than one year

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