Community operation (Shenzhen, Hangzhou)
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthShenzhen
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Job Responsibilities

岗位职责 1、负责搭建目标用户社群及日常运维,针对不同运营阶段,开展各种运营推广手段进行新用户吸引、老用户激活、订单转化及复购等各项具体工作; 2、负责社群的规划以及执行,整体负责社群内容,社群氛围的营造,打造高粘性的社群; 3、核心用户的挖掘和互动,维系社群活跃度,与用户互动和保持联系; 4、与社群会员保持密切的沟通,吸纳总结建议意见,并及时作出相应调整改进方案; 5、定期整理、总结运营经验,并推动内容、活动与产品的流程和标准。 Job Responsibilities 1. Responsible for building the target user community and daily operation and maintenance, and carrying out various operation and promotion methods for different operation stages to attract new users, activate old users, convert orders and repurchase; 2. Responsible for the planning and implementation of the community, overall responsible for the content of the community, the creation of the community atmosphere, and create a highly sticky community; 3. Mining and interaction of core users, maintaining community activity, interacting with and keeping in touch with users; 4. Maintain close communication with community members, absorb and summarize suggestions, and make corresponding adjustments and improvements in a timely manner; 5. Regularly sort out and summarize operating experience, and promote the process and standards of content, activities and products. Qualifications 1. More than 3 years of user community experience, more than 1 year of team management experience, experience in maternal and child, beauty makeup, health care products and other industries, brand community experience is preferred; 2. Have innovative ideas for marketing activity planning and actual operation cases; 3. There are successful practical cases in which the community grows rapidly from 0-1 users; 4. Excellent communication and cooperation skills and emergency response capabilities, strong sense of responsibility and initiative, able to resist pressure and willing to accept challenges. How to Apply: Please submit your latest resume as a single attachment and send it to Victory : Mobile: (+86) 19925288664 WhatsApp: (+86) 19925288664 LinkedIn:

Job Requirements

任职资格 1、3年以上用户社群经验,1年以上团队管理经验,有母婴,美妆,保健品等行业,品牌类社群经验者优先; 2、对营销活动策划有创新思路,有实际运作案例; 3、有社群从0-1用户增长快速裂变的成功实操案例; 4、优秀的沟通合作能力和应急能力,强烈的责任心和进取心,能够抗压乐于接受挑战。

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

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Other marketing positions


3~5 years

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