Appearance Designer
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShangHai
Supersoco Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1、According to the company's strategic positioning planning, participate in the research and analysis of the development trend of transportation modeling. Organize brainstorming sessions to share and collect ideas from various departments Visit public activities or exhibitions related to design, technology and art, and keep abreast of the trends inside and outside the industry Collect appearance and creative information, research product design language and creative direction combined with company strategy and industry trend 2、Provide vehicle and parts modeling design scheme Draw the vehicle sketch according to the research data and the company's product design language Modify and refine the product sketch according to the engineer's technical suggestions to ensure that the design scheme can be realized Guide the production of digital model and sludge model Provide OP parts design sketch according to vehicle creative plan and new retail demand 3、Cooperate with the engineer to complete the appearance review Provide the appearance modification plan for the problems of the trial prototype Confirm with the parts supplier whether the appearance and function of the parts meet the requirements Participate in mold test and evaluate the appearance of plastic parts 4、Cooperate with the brand creative department and the general manager's office to carry out the preliminary work of product publicity map rendering and patent drawing Integrate and collect 3D models of each project, and establish rendering database Modeling and modifying the model according to the actual requirements of rendering Provide the integrated model data to the brand creative department, and provide suggestions for the design of publicity map Convert all parts of the integrated model into 2D patent drawings and provide them to the general manager's office 5、Assist brand creative department to design product decals according to project planning Communicate with designers of brand creative department, help them to analyze product modeling characteristics, and provide suggestions on Decal design and color matching materials

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, excellent fresh student in industrial design, vehicle design or other related majors, or at least three years working experience in vehicle main engine plant 2. Rich experience in 4-Wheel or 2-wheel appearance design, able to carry out appearance design or component design development and technical research independently 3. Experience in leading one or more vehicle design projects 4. Excellent ability of drawing understanding and model transformation 5. Good communication skills in English 6. Proficient in Photoshop, illustrator, rhino, UG, Pro / E

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Job Details

Position type

Art / Design / Creative


1~3 years

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