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Logistics Manager
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Job Responsibilities

International custom clearance experience; overseas plants management; Communicate with Chinese partners; worked in manufacturing company 1. Pre-survey the logistics situation of the target countries (Europe, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, etc.) in charge of the future, including macro-economic policies, free trade agreements, latest customs policies and industry trends at the micro level, etc. 2. Overseas transfer warehouse layout planning of the target country; 3. Lead the RFQ preliminary customs affairs, import and export transportation, overseas warehousing, domestic warehousing planning solutions and cost assessment of new export projects in Asia-Pacific (China, Thailand, etc.) and implement the solutions of fixed-point projects; 4. Responsible for bidding and purchasing of overseas third-party transit warehouse suppliers in Asia-Pacific (China, Thailand, etc.), design and implementation of warehousing solutions, and management of warehousing suppliers to assist logistics operations in solving logistics supplier performance problems; 5. Investment analysis, warehousing solution design and project management of overseas self-constructed transfer warehouse project within the Group will promote the construction of overseas self-constructed transfer warehouse to the ground and assist the improvement and optimization of logistics daily operation performance problems; 6. Provide logistics proposals under DDP and logistics customs overall solutions (destination port, route planning, etc.); 7. Establish and maintain base table for overseas transit warehouse expenses and base table for freight; 8. Support logistics planning of global projects of foreign companies. Maintain regular communication mechanisms with logistics personnel in overseas regions (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, etc.) in collaboration with global logistics planning; 9. Manage and support large customer logistics; 10. Other temporary work.

Job Requirements

1. International trade, logistics, industrial engineering, management, English and other related disciplines; 2. With at least 5 years of overseas logistics planning (international transportation, warehousing, etc.), logistics procurement or overseas logistics management experience, the automotive industry is better; 3. Excellent English communication skills (spoken and written); 4. Be proactive, responsible, service conscious and patient; 5. Be familiar with relevant knowledge of international trade, logistics, transportation, warehousing and basic customs affairs; Be familiar with warehouse planning, warehouse operation and operation principle of warehouse WMS system; Be familiar with logistics procurement (warehousing, transportation) and logistics service provider management, and have strong negotiation ability with suppliers; Understand the customs regulations and procedures of China Customs and destination countries (USA, EU, etc.); Strong systematic and global thinking, considerate and thoughtful; Excellent global project management capability, good ability to organize, coordinate and provide solutions, solve problems and have strong project management capability; Good process building and process optimization capabilities to improve work efficiency; Good cross-cultural communication, coordination and teamwork.

Required Languages

Spanish, English

Job Details

Position type

Logistics Specialist/Logistics Manager


5~10 years

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