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Assistant to the General Manager
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShenzhen
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Job Responsibilities

1、Serve as the Assistant to the General Manager and handle Chinese-English interpretation and translation work; accompany the General Manager abroad regularly (mainly to London, UK) to ensure the smooth operation of work and life. 2、Attend business meetings and relevant inspections with the General Manager, provide on-site Chinese-English translation, and offer business support. 3、Manage the business and financial affairs related to the General Manager, support expense reimbursement and approval processes. 4、Develop annual, monthly, and weekly work plans for the staff of the UK company and summarize, assess, and provide feedback on their completion. 5、Implement the tasks assigned by the General Manager and report back in a timely manner. 6、Collaborate with other department personnel to complete support services, such as contract translation. 7、Complete other ad-hoc tasks arranged by senior management.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, IELTS score above 7, TOEFL score above 95; 2. Good command of both Chinese and English, fluent in English, able to express the original meaning accurately, fluently and regularly, and able to adapt to different styles of language style requirements, or have a background in English translation (e. g. Simultaneous Translation) . 3. Good understanding of cultural differences and cross-cultural communication skills. 4. Good understanding, good interpersonal skills, a good sense of confidentiality and risk preparedness; 5. Ability to multi-task in parallel and under pressure, careful, responsible and service-oriented. 6. Love Music, Work Ability Excellent to provide salary adjustment space.

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High-level secretary


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