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Italian teaching assistant teacher
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthOther, Taian
Guoguang Rio Tinto (Shandong) Cultural Development Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

Italian teacher 1. Make lesson plans, and independently teach all kinds of languages and language examination courses at all levels. Preside over and participate in teaching and research activities. Organize and create teaching AIDS. 2. Contact professional courses, learn Italian art history and other professional contents as required, and make relevant courseware. 3. Deal with the academic affairs of the courses taught by yourself. 4. Deal with the students' work in the courses they teach. 5. Understand school projects and participate in school enrollment. 6. Investigate and analyze the exams over the years, and participate in relevant proposition work.

Job Requirements

Job requirements: 1. Excellent academic performance and progressive thinking. 2. Returned from studying in italian professional or Italy. 3. Bachelor degree or above. 4. Teaching experience for more than three years. 5. Italian level b2 or above, passed the Italian language test of our unit. 6. Familiar with at least one of the four major exams, the examiner is preferred. 7. Try to talk about knowledge points and test questions and ask questions through my unit. 8. Understand certain professional knowledge of art..

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Subject Teacher


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