US Sales Manager
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthUnited States - USA
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Job Responsibilities

1) Responsible for business development and sales promotion in the US market, maintaining and developing regional retailers and wholesalers, negotiating business cooperation, and achieving sales targets; 2) Responsible for the development and maintenance of major retail customers in the US market, responsible for the sell-in and sell-out of retail customers; 3) Responsible for collecting and analyzing the needs of retail customers in the US market, developing and managing sales plans; 4) Responsible for communicating new product launch plans with local retail customers, assisting retailers in developing product promotion and marketing plans; 5) Implement the company's overseas sales policies, analyze competitors, overall market situation, and provide sales strategy plans and strategies; 6) Assist in regional market promotion work, channel sinking, managing channel customers, grading customers, and improving existing sales performance.

Job Requirements

1) Bachelor's degree or above, with at least 2 years of sales experience in the electronic cigarette or consumer electronics (mobile phones, etc.) industry in the United States; 2) Having experience in overseas agency development, with experience in consumer electronics products (e-cigarettes, mobile phones, computers, tablets, smart homes, etc.), fast moving consumer goods, supermarket chains, KA promotion, channel distribution, and other industries is preferred; 3) English can be used as the working language, fluent in spoken language, with a US visa, overseas study or work background is preferred; 4) Having excellent professional ethics and good teamwork spirit, strong goal orientation and pressure resistance ability; 5) Able to accept long-term business trips.

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