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Job Responsibilities

1) Coordinates Sales Administration Order processing in SAP & CRM system; Order processing in Amazon Vendor Central system; Contact with finance on order release; Issuing invoices, debit & credit notes & distributing them to customers & KAMs; Giving the customers requested information & answers to questions; Sending all requested or missing documents to customers; Being in daily contacts with KAMs, forwarders and workers of the warehouse. Daily fulfilling orders file, inserting orders and updating every status. 2) Coordinates goods supply Checking with the Planning Manager product availability date and goods allocation; Collecting availability/delivery info: dates, location of products; Preparing shipping instructions, palletization and bookings at the customer & distributing them to factory & warehouse; Coordinate shipments of tv from warehouse in Poland and other products from warehouse in Netherlands; Ordering repacking to be in line with order quantities & EU certified pallets requirements; Optimizing truck loadings (order split per truck; maximum truck fulfillment); Ordering trucks directly at forwarders; Coordinating loading/ unloading (forwarder & warehouse); 3) Manages invoice flow Checking & accepting transport invoices; 4) Reporting preparing sales reports for CM on weekly & monthly basis

Job Requirements

Ideally you have: - Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Economics, data science, or Supply Chain Logistics - Languages: Fluence in English and German (advanced) - Experience in Logistic & Sales Administration - Communication skills - SAP knowledge - Able to work under pressure, devoted, involved, independent WhatsApp: +8618028511810 Email:royal.luo@hiredchina.com Wechat:Hiredchina-HH04

Required Languages

German, English

Job Details

Position type

Other logistics positions


3~5 years

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