Content Operations Manager-USA
Full-time60k - 70K RMB per monthFremont
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Job Responsibilities

1. Be responsible for the English content operation of the brand's official website, including the official website pages, blogs, advertisements, EDM emails; 2. Assist in the overall operation of the official website. Improve the user experience of the official website from the perspective of content. Summarize and refine the optimization direction of the content operation of the official website, to promote the growth of official website traffic and sales, and improve the e-commerce conversion rate of the website; 3. Participate in the construction of localized user operations through user research, collection of user feedback, data analysis, etc., to improve user experience and rapid spread of word-of-mouth in the local area. Location:Fremont

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree or above, with more than 3 years of working experience in US-oriented localized content operations, digital marketing, etc., and an in-depth understanding of American local culture and outdoor culture is preferred; 2. Be familiar with the tonality styles of various social media and communities commonly used in the United States. Relevant operating experience is preferred; 3. Strong subjective initiative, independent learning ability, innovation ability, good at finding and solving problems, and strong communication and cooperation ability. If you are interested in this position, please contact me via

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Community Operation/Localization Operation


5~10 years

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