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Product Manager
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthZhuhai
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities TPM Job. 1.Preliminary information docking of the program in the early stage;. 2.Mid-term pulling through the customer for program docking; 3.Confirmation of equipment problems and feedback back to Zhuhai. FAE work. 1.Support set up & training, time cycle starts in August, at least 30+ days. 2.Support A customer's products: lens sfr, flare, support AMZ customer's products: FC/IQ, etc.... 3.Support multi-location travel, travel locations may include (preferred underlined areas): China, Taiwa China, Taiwa, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, India, USA(California),Europe

Job Requirements

How to Apply: Please submit your latest resume as a single attachment and send it to Ting: Email: ting.chen @ hiredchina.com WhatsApp: +86 15994882539 WeChat:HierdChina-HH206 Outstanding English communication skills, with proficiency in Chinese as an added advantage A solid engineering or related professional background, with experience in optics or mechanics being a plus

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Product manager


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