Sales Manager

Job Responsibilities

In your role, you will be responsible for: 1.Collect scale market and industry information, strong understand the industry status and trends in the responsible area. 2.Explore new markets and develop new customers. 3.Responsible for foreign business contact and order processing, and connecting work German sales business. 4.Independently provides part of the technical support, able to conduct in-depth technical and industry communication with customers. 5.Receive customer complaints, effectively assist technical and after-sales team to solve the product technical problems for customers.

Job Requirements

Your profile: 1.Foreigners (especially good in Europe, North America) 2.Bachelor degree in electrical or electronic information or relevant - require 3.Experience in the weighing industry of technology and sales - strongly preferred 4.Strong verbal and written communication abilities, flexibility and interpersonal skills, as well as good teamwork spirit. 5.Proficient in MS Office

Required Languages

English, German

Job Details

Position type

Sales director


5~10 years

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