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Chinese to Thai Web-novel Translators
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Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Chinese to Thai responsibilities: 1. Firm grasp of language skills, proficient in translating Chinese to Thai, interested in Webnovels. 3. Sense of identity in translation industry, highly responsible and dedicated. 4. Experience of working as a translator for over one year or as a part-time for many years is preferred. 5. Part-time/Freelance: Anywhere,you can do it online 6. Salary: Negotiable.

Job Requirements

Requirements: 1. Native speakers of Thai with strong writing skills; 2. Advanced Chinese and extensive experience of translation in different topics; 3. Reliable, cooperative, meticulous, patient and punctual; 4. Passed HSK 6 preferred.

Required Languages


Job Details

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1~3 years

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