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Ponte Vecchio Italian Cuisine and Wine Bar Management (Shanghai )CO., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. 20-35 years old; 2.2. High school degree or above, 3. Good health, good image, like service industry, outgoing and cheerful personality, like to communicate with others; 4. More than 2 years of experience in western restaurant, more than 1 year of cashier working experience,Adapt to shift work, sensitive to numbers; 5. Good expression ability, sales ability and teamwork spirit 6. Basic English and Mandarin communication skills, computer skills 1. 20-35 周岁; 2.高中及以上学历, 3.身体健康,形象良好,喜欢服务行业,性格外向开朗,喜欢与人交流; 4. 2年以上餐厅西餐厅经验, 1年以上收银员工作经验,对数字敏感; 5.良好的表达能力,销售能力,团队合作精神 6. 基础英语及普通话沟通能力,计算机使用能力  Offering a high standard of customer service to match the high standard of our food and our reputation.  ncreasing sales at all opportunities through suggestive selling.  Creating a harmonious environment amongst all staff within the restaurant.

Job Requirements

1. Make preparations before operation, ensure the normal operation of various equipment, and prepare documents, change, etc 2. Be familiar with business items, consumer prices, promotion items, preferential policies, and provide accurate and rapid checkout business for guests; Check the reserved signature of the customer who signs the bill for settlement; 3. Issue invoices normally; 4. Make daily business reports to ensure the accuracy of business payment data, and do a good job in reconciliation with Finance (or town); Store business funds according to regulations; 5. Assist in the reception work, be responsible for receiving guests, be able to receive guests politely and professionally, be able to answer the phone, and make guest reservations: 6. to invite customer to become our membership 7. Input the daily receiving data and feed back the abnormal purchase data in time 1.做好营业前准备,确保各项设备正常运作,备好单据、零钱等 2.熟悉经营项目、消费价格、促销项目,优惠政策,为宾客提供准确迅速的结账业务;对签单结帐客户,核对好预留签名; 3.正常开具发票; 4.制作营业日报,确保营业款项数据准确,并与财务(或小镇)做好对帐等工作;按规定流存储营业款; 5. 协助领位工作,负责接待客人,能够有礼貌,专业的接待客人,能够接听电话做好客人预定了: 6.邀请客人加入会员; 7. 每日收货数据的录入,并及时向采购反馈异常数据;

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Etiquette and reception staff


Less than one year

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