2 ESL teachers needed in beautiful Yangshuo of Guilin
Omeida English College
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Job Responsibilities

We are now looking for teachers that are currently in China. Job Responsibilities: ★Teach small size classes, 4-12 adult students per class. ★3-5.5 hours face-to-face teaching a day, 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) ★Help students improve their English skills (particularly spoken, reading, and writing skills) Work Environment: If you want a quality LIFESTYLE, Yangshuo can be one of the best places to work and live in. People choose here for the following benefits they get: ★A SLOWER and more RELAXING life. ★Free from TRAFFIC JAMS and get More TIME to enjoy life. ★Stay healthier in Yangshuo for the CLEAN FRESH AIR and WATER. Yangshuo is a well-preserved tourist destination. ★Enjoy an ACTIVE LIFE in Yangshuo if you like ROCK-CLIMBING, HIKING, SWIMMING, CAMPING AND BIKING. ★5-minute of bike riding you are already in the nature of the countryside. (for activities can be found in https://www.omeida.org/about-yangshuo/) ★Yangshuo is the paradise of rock-climbers. A lot of hiking and biking roads are developed in the beautiful landscape. ★Small but Convenient and International. It’s 1 hour away from Guilin city by bus, 2.5 hrs away from Guangzhou by train, 3.5 hrs away from Hong Kong by train. ★Many westerners come to visit or stay here for business. Hotels, bars, and cafes are everywhere. ★LOWER COST OF LIVING. Why work at Omeida: ★Founded in 2001 and FOCUS on EDUCATION since then. ★The biggest, most reputable language school in Yangshuo with students from all over China and international students from 68 countries and regions. ★Worry-free experience for staff: 1) Free equipped accommodation; 2)Very little cost food (Less than 1 USD/meal at school’s canteen) 3)Visa support; 4) Professional supportive educational team. ★One of the few Total IMMERSION LANGUAGE EXPERIENCE providers in China. ★Small-sized classes with 1-12 students in a class to ensure teaching and learning quality. ★No office hours. 3-5.5 teaching hours a day! 2-day Weekends guaranteed! ★Language partners for Chinese learning. Highly motivated adult students can also be your friends.

Job Requirements

★Expats that are currently in China ★Native level of English Speaking ★Teaching or business experience preferred ★Highly motivated, responsible, confident, and outgoing

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Job Details

Position type

English teacher


1~3 years

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