Onsite Game Operation Specialist (Filipinos are preferable)
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShanghai
Boke Technology Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1、Responsible for the operation and management of social media(Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, and so on), encouraging user participation and enhancing the interactive atmosphere. 2、Address users' feedback, answering users' questions. 3、Track and follow the hot spots on local social media platforms in the Philippines and plan operational activities to promote the products. 4、Detailed analysis of competing products and make optimization proposals. 5、Help the team to translate the text in the game into Filipino.

Job Requirements

1、Bachelor's degree and no limitation on major. In school and fresh graduate are both acceptable. 2、Fluent in both Filippino and Chinese. Good at both writing and verbal communication. 3、With the solid anti-pressure ability, team spirit, and self-motivation. 4、Passionate about games and hope to build your career in the Internet industry. 5、Able to work full time: Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day.

Required Languages

Other, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Community Operation/Localization Operation


Unlimited experience

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