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Assistant to General Manager
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthHangzhou
Nantian Shujin (Heilongjiang) International Trade Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description: Position: Assist the General Manager in handling daily affairs and management tasks, providing decision support, and coordinating work between departments. Reporting to: General Manager

Job Requirements

Job Requirements (listed in priority order): 1. Language Proficiency: Proficient in Mandarin, Russian bilingualism, able to conduct fluent interpretation and translation; 2. Industry Relevance: Prior experience in commercial real estate operations preferred, including but not limited to materials and home furnishings venue investment, store operations, and automobile import and export operations. Possessing certain business operation capabilities, including market analysis, product selection, and sales strategies; 3. Team Management: Experience in team management, able to cultivate and develop team talent; 4. Strong Information Gathering and Analytical Skills: Ability to collect and analyze information effectively, keep abreast of the dynamics of the Russian market, and understand competitors' situations. Provide valuable decision-making references to the General Manager; 5. Communication Skills: Prior experience in cross-border trade preferred, able to maintain good relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners to ensure the smooth operation of cross-border trade business.

Required Languages

Mandarin, Russian

Job Details

Position type

High-level secretary


1~3 years

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