English Tutor
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthNingbo
The Lost-Games Co.,Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

IF u have great abilities ,your salary can be negotiated :) 1. To publish 1 article of more than 1000 words on the official WECHAT account every week; 2. Topics include business, finance, politics, society, etc. 3. Help CEO improve his spoken English ,and you can chat wih CEO about the different topics; 4. Be responsible for sorting out the English materials for the topics of the CEO's articles in each issue;

Job Requirements

Requirement: 1. English Native Speaker 2. can do 1 vs 1 teaching mode *the student is the CEO of our company,his English level is similar as normal China university students * 3.know more about western culture(such as World War) ,have much life experience,and you can chat with our CEO about life,goals,business topics,entreprenuers,passion,emotions and so on. 4. have TESOL certification can be better. what results the CEO wants ? 1. IELTS speaking 7.0 *not mandatory ,just hope can do it ,now the ceo's speaking is 5.0* 2.can communicate by english fluently 3.can do english statement realted to business Benefits: 1. flexible work time (for example ,you can work from afternoon) 2. free beverage & alcohoal 3.insurance and yearly health examination 4.working in CBD area ,and your office is 30th floor ,u can see great views outside our office,and there is a luxury mall inside the building 5. if u ask for a leave ,then wont deduct from ur salary

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English teacher


3~5 years

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