Financial manager
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthSouth Africa - South Africa
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Job Responsibilities

- Responsible for the preparation, implementation, accounting, analysis, tracking and improvement of the budget of CISA South Africa. - Responsible for CISA South Africa product cost plan preparation, product cost calculation, analysis, improvement and tracking. - Responsible for the financial cost warning and analysis of CISA products in South Africa in the next three months. - Responsible for the review of procurement and sales contracts of South African CISA Company. - Responsible for the review of daily operating expenses of CISA South Africa. - Responsible for tax administration of CISA Corporation in South Africa. - Responsible for the audit of CISA's financial documents, preparation of statements, and related financial analysis reports. - Responsible for receivables and customer credit line management of CISA South Africa. - Responsible for handling other work assigned by the Director of finance center.

Job Requirements

- Be fluent in spoken English and familiar with Chinese and South African accounting standards, complete the daily accounting processing of the South African factory on time, and provide the financial data required by the group consolidation to the headquarters in a timely and accurate manner. - Timely feedback to the headquarters of the overseas factory business, financial risk warning information. - According to the financial management requirements of the group and the actual business of overseas factories, formulate, standardize, supervise and check the financial management system.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Finance Manager


5~10 years

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