Tik Tok anchor/Tik Tok主播
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthGuangzhou
Guangzhou Lanao Media Technology Co. Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

Live streaming anchors Products: Men's underwear 1.Live broadcast of products on the Tiktok platform (products selected and provided by the company) to dispel customers' doubts, promote and guide customers to buy. 2. Strong learning ability. It is necessary to quickly master product knowledge, explain product characteristics, promote sales and transformation, activate the atmosphere of the live broadcast room, interact with fans, pay attention to the activity of fans, and maintain active fans. 3. Lively personality, quick thinking, strong language expression ability and adaptability, able to deal with emergencies in live broadcast. 4. Cooperate with commodity short video recording.

Job Requirements

1. Have a good command of Chinese ,relevant working experience is preferred. 2. Good image and temperament, sweet voice, fluent spoken Chinese, interested in live broadcast, active and enthusiastic, able to complete work with a serious attitude, foreign anchors are preferred. 3. She is lively, has a strong sense of lens modeling, likes to interact with people, and is good at mobilizing atmosphere. 4. Accept the system of compensatory leave and shift.

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