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ID Designer/UX Designer
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthShenzhen
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the ID design and creative design of company products; 2. Complete the product design from the conceptual stage to mass production according to market and project requirements; 3. Provide suggestions for product design and innovative points based on market trend elements and industry development trends; 4. Responsible for the product modeling and exterior design (design research, sketch creativity, 2D, 3D), detailed design, and cooperate with project requirements to complete the development and implementation of the process; 5. Responsible for the follow-up of the project's prototype, process and color matching confirmation, the production of CMF documents, and the sampling and signature of samples in the mass production stage; 6. Control and follow up the mass production of the entire project, and control the quality.

Job Requirements

1. Familiar with ID design software such as Rhino, 3d Max, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and KeyShot rendering, 2 .Possess the ability to clearly express sketches and hand-drawn designs, 2D rendering skills, and 3D modeling capabilities. 3. Majoy in Industry Design or UI Design

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Industrial Design


3~5 years

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