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Product Designer
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthShaoxing
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Job Responsibilities

1, According to the new product development plan, complete the product structure, appearance, packaging and other finished products and semi-finished products of 3 d and 2 d design; 2. According to the production requirements, complete the line drawings of new product modeling, packaging and accessories; 3. According to the creative requirements of new products, put forward relevant requirements such as process, production and production; 4. Complete PPT templates, product renderings and other design work according to the requirements of new project proposals; 5, according to the design project and proofing, production and other departments to communicate and coordinate, correctly express the project creative ideas; 6. Strong ability of cooperation, communication and coordination, and can cooperate well with other designers and auxiliary teams to complete the project development and design work; 7. Pay attention to and collect the new technology and design development trend of collectibles and handicrafts products at any time, and regularly organize information reports;

Job Requirements

1. Foreign personnel whose mother tongue is English are required to major in industrial design, product design and other related design majors; 2. More than one year of product appearance design and more than two years of graphic design experience; 2. Be familiar with the design process of handicrafts, understand the product design process, and be able to independently undertake the product process modeling design; 3. Being able to position the design style of products through the development and establishment of the set theme; 4. Proficient in operating 3D software and design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and coredraw. 5. Have the ability of hand drawing, and can independently complete two-dimensional renderings and three-dimensional modeling and rendering; 6. Strong team spirit, good at communication, hard-working and studious spirit; 7. Applicants should bring their resumes, relevant certificates and works. 8. Require relevant design majors such as industrial design and product design.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Industrial Design


3~5 years

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