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Overseas Business Director
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the group's overseas business strategic planning, formulating overseas market strategic planning, goals, and business expansion plans; 2. Responsible for overseas market development, customer development, as well as major customer business PR, contract negotiation, and service; 3. Responsible for the overall operation and management of overseas business (International Trade Center), ensuring the achievement of business goals and operating profit targets; 4. Responsible for team building, motivation, and management of overseas business (International Trade Center); 5. Responsible for maintaining and serving existing business (clients), developing and expanding new clients; 6. Other matters.

Job Requirements

1. At least 10 years of work experience in overseas business, sales and storage industry, or furniture enterprise, and at least 10 years of leadership and management experience in equivalent positions; 2. Having experience in customer development for large global retailers, purchasers, traders, or distributors of furniture, home furnishings, and small home furnishings in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and other regions, and having 2-3 successful cases. Priority given to those with home furnishings customer resources; 3. Familiar with the market development of overseas furniture, home furnishing, and small home furnishing industries, proficient in overseas market research and development skills, rich experience in foreign trade sales planning, familiar with the current market development status of the industry, excellent sales skills, strong foreign market planning and operational capabilities; 4. Having the ability to coordinate leadership and management, with a sense of responsibility and responsibility, and a goal oriented talent; 5. Strong leadership skills and communication skills at the middle and senior levels; 6. Proficient in listening, speaking, and writing English;

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Sales director


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