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E-Commerce Data Analyst
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthMalaysia - Kuala Lumpur
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Job Responsibilities

Monitor and report daily on the e-commerce platform data in Malaysia, including user behavior data, sales data, inventory data, etc.; Conduct in-depth analysis of user behavior data to uncover Malaysian users' shopping habits, preferences, and market needs, providing data support for product development and marketing strategies; Utilize data analysis tools and techniques to build data models and evaluate and predict the operational effectiveness of the e-commerce platform; Continuously learn and research new data analysis methods and tools to enhance the team's data analysis capabilities

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree or above in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or related fields, with over 1 year of experience in e-commerce data analysis or related fields; Proficient in at least one data analysis tool such as Excel, SQL, Python, or other data analysis software like Tableau, PowerBI, FineReport, etc.; Sensitive to data, with good data analysis and mining capabilities, able to independently complete data analysis projects; Proficient in Chinese communication.

Required Languages

Malay, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Other technical positions


1~3 years

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