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Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities: Responsible for the global sales of OTT Saas cloud services and Internet operation services for film and television, to achieve market expansion targets and sales targets; Job Description: 1. Target market research and analysis: fully familiar with the state of supply and demand parties in the film and television consumption industry of the responsible area, including the investigation and analysis of customer market, user characteristics, cooperative channels, competitive products, etc. 2. Follow up the company's solutions and services: fully understand the company's products and business model, clearly understand the product upgrade content of third-party technology or service providers or the characteristics of the company's Internet operation services, timely follow up the upgrade plan of products and services, and make improvement suggestions according to market feedback. Maintain business partnerships, 3: Develop new customers at home and abroad, provide customized business solutions for customers, and complete the integrated sales target of technical services and operational services. 4: Maintain old customer relationship, promote customer growth, assist customers to optimize market strategy, help publicize the company's operation service plan, and promote customer user growth and renewal. 5. Establish and maintain relations with cooperative channels and customers, and determine strategic relations for sustainable development.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: 1, Bachelor degree or above, computer software, marketing related majors preferred, proficient in English communication skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing); 2. Keen thinking, good ice-breaking ability of customer relationship and sales breakthrough ability, excellent business negotiation ability and plan execution ability, brave to work under pressure; 3, Have basic market analysis ability, have a basic understanding of Internet software SaaS services, have engaged in brand promotion, online distribution channel construction management, online sales management or event planning in the video streaming media platform related industries for more than 2 years is preferred; Familiar with cross-border e-commerce platform sales mode and strategy, and engaged in sales management or event planning related work for more than 2 years is preferred; successful cloud service sales experience is preferred; 4, At least have one of the following international regions of Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Asia Pacific life or market work experience, can independently develop a regional market; 5. Integrity, initiative, good communication skills, team spirit, excellent execution and ability to work under pressure.

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