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Operation Manager in Ukraine
Full-timeNegotiableUkraine - Kiev
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Job Responsibilities

Operation Manager Location: Kiev, Ukraine Industry: Medical Clinic Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the daily administrative management of the clinic, including clinic operation, marketing, customer service, and logistics. Also responsible for purchasing medical equipment and products to ensure the normal operation and development of the clinic. 2. Decompose work according to established performance targets, and track performance and develop incentive plans accordingly. Additionally, responsible for organizing business personnel to participate in learning and training on new technologies to enhance their skills and service quality. 3. Responsible for the clinic's business indicators and propose corresponding marketing activities and effective medical promotion activities or publicity to achieve performance goals according to market changes. 4. Responsible for improving clinic regulations and coordinating with administrative management institutions related to the clinic. Ensure the smooth operation of the clinic, handle various emergencies, and provide logistical support. Also responsible for implementing measures to improve customer satisfaction and handling customer complaints. 5. Participate in the actual management process of the company, serve as the legal representative/director of the company based on business needs, and assist in handling legal disputes and litigation in the daily operation of the company.

Job Requirements

Qualifications: 1. 3-5 years of experience in similar clinic operation and management, preferably with a background in clinical medicine or nursing, pharmaceutical management, or related fields. 2. Familiar with local laws and regulations related to medical institutions, pay attention to risk avoidance, can conduct project and sales training, and have good team management and service improvement capabilities. 3. Outgoing personality, proactive and professional, strong ability to coordinate across departments. 4. Follow the company's work tasks assigned by leadership and efficiently carry out project management and control. 5. Strong logical thinking, strong written expression ability, and ability to quickly adapt to the cultural differences of multinational companies. Please apply with Selina Email: selina.dai@hiredchina.com What’s app: +86 19166257961

Required Languages

English, Ukrainian

Job Details

Position type

Operations Director


3~5 years

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