Sales Manager
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per month日本横滨或名古屋
Desay SV
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Job Responsibilities

1. Collect market information, provide market analysis including competition analysis; 2. Customer strategy preparation and update; Develop new businesses from customers; To receive RFI/RFQS from customers, coordinate with BU program managers and provide quotations to customers; 3. Participate in negotiations with customers for favorable commercial terms & conditions. Coordinate contracts review/approval process with relevant depts. internally and alignment with customers; 4. Maintain good customer relationship; Monitor Account Receivable status and assure smooth payment plan from customers; And monitor claim issues related to quality/delivery/services; 5. Other supportive & coordination works among IBDs/Locations/BUs arranged by the Dept. head.

Job Requirements

1. Excellent English speaking and writing is required; 2. Skills in market analysis and strategy planning; 3. Leadership and decision making power; 4. Mindset in risk control, good at communication and coordination; 5. Experiences in international business development, JOEM business or project management in automotive industry.

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5~10 years

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