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TikTok anchor
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthGuangzhou
Guangzhou Whale Culture Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the live broadcast of distributed products on TikTok, answering user questions, activating the atmosphere in the live broadcast room, and promoting orders (daily live broadcast time is about 2 hours or more). 2. Responsible for pre-broadcast preparation, post-broadcast summary, improve sales and sales efficiency. 3. Work with operations to formulate monthly live broadcast plans and sales plans, and participate in live broadcast plans for marketing nodes. 4. Continuously summarize feedback and adjust product selling points, optimize live broadcast scripts and content in stages, and increase user participation and stickiness. 5. Write a summary of the live broadcast every day, record the problems during the live broadcast and give feedback.

Job Requirements

1. Love the anchoring career, speak good English, communicate naturally and fluently, have strong expressive skills and good camera performance. 2. Priority will be given to those who have experience in selling wigs and clothing. 3. Priority will be given to those with experience in original short videos, live broadcasts and self-media operations. 4. Have a good work attitude and team spirit, obey and implement the arrangements of superiors.

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