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After-sales Service Engineer-Brazil, Mexico
Full-timeNegotiableBrazil, Mexico
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Job Responsibilities

1. Participate in various trainings organized by technical Service Department to improve technical ability and comprehensive service ability; 2. Responsible for providing installation and debugging services and machine inspection services for customers and agents, and dealing with on-line and on-site machine quality problems; 3. Responsible for the application and replacement of service spare parts; 4. Responsible for the plan suggestion or formulation of subsidiary stock spare parts; 5. Responsible for assisting the business personnel of subsidiaries to carry out business work and providing after-sale technical support; 6. Timely and effectively answer quality complaints and difficult problems raised by customers; 7. Submit the summary of machine quality problems in the responsible area and put forward suggestions for machine quality improvement; 8. Responsible for assisting other colleagues of the subsidiary to complete the on-site inventory of spare parts warehouse of the subsidiary; 9. Responsible for providing after-sales service training for customers, including but not limited to operation safety of injection molding machine, use and maintenance training of injection molding machine; 10. Actively cooperate with technical service Department on business trips to neighboring countries;

Job Requirements

1/ 2 years working experience in similar industry or position; 2/ Can speak and write English or Chinese language well; 3/ Can drive; 4/ Can understand electrical schematic diagram, hydraulic schematic diagram and mechanical drawing; 5/ Can use computer 6/ Can stand for up to 4 hours; 7/ Can carry 50 kilograms of spare parts; 8/ Can travel to other city or country; 9/ Ability to handle repair and maintenance on site; 10/ College or bachelor degree; 11/ Major in mechanical manufacturing, electrical automation or related; 12/ Other education background but more than 3 years experience in injection molding machine design, after-sales service or maintenance

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Job Details

Position type

Other technical positions


1~3 years

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