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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the development and sales of new and old customers of the company's products, and completed the sales tasks assigned by the company. 2. Seek potential customers and maintain long-term customers through various channels and media, be good at grasping customer information and customer needs, and jointly develop customer follow-up plans. 3. Follow up potential customers, analyze market and industry development information and advantages and disadvantages, and assist the company to formulate correct product sales strategies.

Job Requirements

1. More than one year sales experience, more than one year sales experience in plant extraction industry is preferred. 2. Familiar with the sales process, have a solid customer base, keen business awareness and strong negotiation ability. 3. Optimistic and positive, can work under pressure, love sales work, have good language expression and interpersonal communication skills

Required Languages


Job Details

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1~3 years

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