Mechanical Engineer in Germany
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Job Responsibilities

1.Development and research (design and develop) the appearance of new and old products, and formulate development plans (1)Research and exploit new products, Improve the product continuously, and track the service to verify its effect. (2)Improve the relevant technical information (Add new material, built and maintain BOM, etc.) 2.Design and modify the general order, and improving the trial production problem of old and new products. (1)Improvement of the trial production problem of old and new products. (2)Design and modify the general order. (3)Follow up abnormal of order assembly.

Job Requirements

Requirements 1.Age: Over 35 years old 2.Degree: College degree or above, major in science and engineering or related. 3.Experience: More than 3 years of experience in mechanical design (experience in Price computing scale or multihead weigher design is preferred) 4.Proficiency in German & English (other languages advantageous) Ability requirements: familiar with the mechanical principles of Price computing scale or Multihead weigher, structural design, skilled in Solidworks, Autocad and other drawing software;

Required Languages

German, English

Job Details

Position type

Mechanical design and manufacturing


3~5 years

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