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Job Responsibilities

1. Marketing promotion - in each period of product promotion, through analyzing market data and sales volume data, make targeted operational decisions, including controlling the time nodes of internal and external promotion, so as to complete sales indicators and improve product sales volume and ranking; 2. Platform operation - deeply understand the product, analyze the market and competitive products, refine the product selling points, and skillfully optimize the dimensions of the product landing page in combination with the user's pain points; 3. Target disassembly - develop categories, monthly, quarterly and annual sales indicators of the brand, and review activities at various time stages as a whole to achieve performance indicators; 4. Inventory management - regularly analyze market data, and estimate future sales volume based on market reconciliation and historical data to ensure healthy inventory turnover; 5. Product optimization layout - take the initiative to promote product optimization and improvement according to product market acceptance and customer complaint feedback, and be able to analyze the current situation and layout the future trend for the responsible product line; 6. Cross sales coordination - coordination with non operating positions within the department, as well as coordination with support teams within the company (procurement, supply chain, operation).

Job Requirements

1.1 Years or above of experience in cross-border platform operation, such as Xiapi, AliExpress, Lazada, etc; 2. Be familiar with the policies and regulations, and the operation methods and skills in the market; 3. Have rich experience in maintaining and managing account security; 4. Have teamwork spirit, can withstand pressure, have pioneering and innovative spirit, and pay attention to details. 5. Be able to communicate orally in English.

Required Languages

Hindi, English

Job Details

Position type

E-commerce operation/Offline operation/Product operation


Unlimited experience

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