Overseas Social Media Operations Specialist/Director
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Job Responsibilities

1、Responsible for brand overseas social media (FB, IG, YOUTUBE, TIKTOK, etc.) account management and maintenance, understanding overseas social media market and holiday nodes, creating topics and content, improving social media influence and attention. 2、Responsible for overseas social media content curation, writing, topic selection, publishing, user interaction and effect tracking,content, promotion optimization, improve social media visibility and the number of fans. 3、Responsible for operating overseas social media accounts, marketing activities, analysis of operational data, timely adjustment and optimization of strategies and content, improve the number of users, activity, stickiness, maintain the core fan base. 4、Highly sensitive to market hotspots and events, quickly combine hotspots to plan themes and select materials, develop new promotion channels and methods. 5、To track the results of overseas social media promotion data, according to the statistical analysis report, timely proposed marketing improvement measures, give practical improvement plan; 6、Competitor analysis and understanding of the latest market dynamics, content structure and strategy, developing effective operational plans and improving the efficiency of overseas social media operations. 7、Overseas social media user operation, build private domain user system, develop operation strategy, do user management work, achieve user growth and conversion management work.

Job Requirements

1、Because of the brand development needs, need to recruit foreigners and proficient in English, with listening and reading skills;Can speak Chinese is better. 2、Proficient in operating overseas social media platforms, familiar with overseas social media operating environment, platform rules and gameplay, with high sensitivity and understanding of online hotspots, trends and fads, and certain data analysis ability;have more than 3 years of overseas social media operating experience. 3、Master the promotion rules and methods of overseas SNS and forum channels, with strong social content and activity planning and implementation ability; 4、Familiar with foreign Internet language, understanding of European and American culture, strong copywriting ability, creative ability, communication ability and ability to guide public opinion.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Operations Director


5~10 years

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