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Editor in chief of International Publishing 国际出版总编
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthBeijing
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Job Responsibilities

1、Chief editor of international publishing 1. Take charge of the overall work of international publishing and control the direction of international publishing according to the publishing policy; 主持国际出版的整体工作,根据出版政策,把控国际出版方向; 2、Formulate the overall development plan of international publishing, evaluate and decide the overall business strategy of journals, and organize the implementation; 制定国际出版整体发展计划,评估与决策期刊整体的经营策略并组织实施; 3、Guide and arrange the daily work of the international publishing department (including editing, operation, technology, publicity and promotion, etc.) and manage the relevant business of international journals, and supervise the implementation; 指导安排国际出版部门(包括编务、运营、技术、外宣推广等)的日常工作及管理国际期刊的相关业务,并监督执行; 4、Integrate high-quality academic resources, expand international academic network, plan and guide the implementation of reputation construction and publicity promotion; 整合优质学术资源,拓展国际学术关系网,策划并指导实施品誉建设和外宣推广; 5、Establish good communication with editors, editorial board members, authors and reviewers of journals at home and abroad to ensure the normal operation of journals. 与国内外期刊主编、编委成员、作者及审稿人建立良好沟通,确保期刊正常运作。

Job Requirements

1、Master degree or above, overseas study experience is preferred; 硕士及以上学历,有海外留学经历优先; 2、At least 5 years working experience in international publishing related projects, international journal operation and management experience is preferred; 有5年及以上国际出版相关项目工作经验,国际期刊运营管理工作经验优先; 3、English reaches CET-6, professional English reaches CET-8 or mother tongue level, and Chinese can be used for skilled internal communication; 英语达到大学本科六级水平,专业英语达到八级或母语水平,中文能够用于熟练的内部沟通; 4、Proficient in the overall operation mode of international publishing; 精通国际出版的整体运营模式; 5、Familiar with international publishing upstream and downstream industries and relevant policies; 熟悉国际出版上下游产业及相关政策; 6、Be familiar with eastern and Western thinking logic and have an international perspective. 熟悉东西方思维逻辑,具有国际视野格局。

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Operations Director


5~10 years

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