Product Operation: Spanish Localization
Shenzhen Cloudstream Technology Co.,Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Investigate and analyze the market and the development of market of competitive products, plan the product functions. 2. Daily data tracking of product line, regular analysis of product effect, tracking of user behavior, and continuous product optimization. 3. Analyze the business requirements, and then optimizatize the user experience design requirements. 4. Product operation related work, content operation, promotion operation work, such as brand official website, Facebook, Insta, Youtube, etc.

Job Requirements

1. Native from South America(Spanish speaking countries), or are familiar with South America and have lived in South America for a long time. 2. Proficient in Spanish, and can speak either English or Chinese. 3. Interested in Internet products, familiar with streaming technology. 4. Good communication, strong sense of responsibility, open minded, willing to travel.

Required Languages

Spanish, English

Job Details

Position type

Community Operation/Localization Operation


Unlimited experience

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