Corporate planning manager
Resstende Sunshading System Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Company brand management, responsible for the organization, planning and implementation of the company's activities, formulating the implementation rules of the activities, and writing the summary report of the activities; 2. Enterprise VI design, implementation and management, internal and external unification; 3. Design and production of promotional materials, innovation and improvement of brochures and corporate videos; 4. Selection and participation of industry associations, exhibitions, forums and summits; 5. Soft writing, responsible for the company's culture publicity plan and the company's major events copywriting arrangement and compilation work; 6. Company website management and update, corporate offical account of Wechat, etc.

Job Requirements

1. Native English speaker is preferred; 2. Master degree or above is preferred; 3. Bachelor degree or above in marketing, advertising, public relations, Chinese and other related majors; 4, Familiar with the use of common office software, can use related design software; 5, With keen market insight and analytical ability, with good communication and coordination skills; 6. Have profound writing skills and basic planning ability, and have certain creative design skills; 7, Self-motivated, serious and responsible to work

Required Languages

Other, English

Job Details

Position type

Corporate Communication/PR


Unlimited experience

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