Library Teacher
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthShanghai
The Little Urban Center
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Job Responsibilities

A library teacher will: Have a secure and detailed understanding of the principles of LUC curriculum design and can apply them in the library environment Know how to identify and highlight connections with other curricular areas or stages promoting learning beyond subject boundaries. Have detailed knowledge and understanding of the theory and practical skills required in storytelling, in particular, demonstrate imaginative and creative ways to read fiction and non-fiction books, checking comprehension through questioning Know how to teach all year groups meeting the needs of all learners and providing opportunities to share their ideas, thoughts and opinions Know how to use, design and adapt materials for teaching and learning which stimulate, support and challenge all learners Know how to work collaboratively with colleagues to facilitate interdisciplinary learning Know how to plan systematically for effective teaching and learning across the year groups Have a secure working knowledge and detailed understanding to justify what is taught within the curricular areas, about the curriculum and the relevance to the needs of all learners Know how to promote and support the cognitive, emotional, social and physical wellbeing of all learners, and demonstrate a commitment to raising all learners’ expectations of themselves Have knowledge and understanding of areas of the curriculum which contribute to personal and social development Library Organisation and Management Ensure the library is safe, well-organised, well-managed and stimulating, with effective use of display regularly updated Plan and organise effectively available space to facilitate whole-class storytelling and promote independent learning Know about and apply health and safety regulations appropriately as an integral part of professional practice.

Job Requirements

On boarding date: Aug.16th, 2021 Vacancy Count: 1 Ages:2-6yrs Location: 1. Fangdian Rd, Line 9 2. Huamu Rd, Line 7 3. Pujiang Town, Line 8 4. Sanmen Rd, Line 10 Details: (1) Students age: 2-4 years old (2) Working times: 8am.-5pm. (3) Working days: Monday-Friday (4) Class size: less than 20 (5) EYFS curriculum Benefits: (1) Salary: RMB 18-25k AFTER TAX (housing included) (2) Paid holidays: 2 weeks Christmas holiday; 2 weekswinter holiday and 6 weeks summer holiday; all public holidays) (3) Airfare: one return ticket to be reimbursed (4) International school standard Medical Insurance (Up to RMB18,000) Requirements: (1) Native English teachers must (2) Teachers with PGCE, a teaching license, an education major or a psychology major (3) Teachers who love little kids. (4) Have 2ys+ bilingual kindergarten teaching experience (5) Familar with EYFS curriculum

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Teacher/English teacher


5~10 years

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